some posts from facebook notes. because that site is just not conducive to blogging. and i like keeping my eggs in one basket. data redundancy from a normalization point of view just terrifies me. 1NF. aaaaaaaaargh.

not all fun and games.

i didn’t spend the majority of my time online looking at pictures of octopi copulating with japanese girls.

wikipedia is an often interesting diversion. just don’t take it too seriously.

a bit of stuff about hermeneutics, semiotics, cybernetics, memetics, mimesis, game theory, and godwin’s law.

all partially inspired by this healing mass that i saw on tv this morning. if you believe, you will be healed. the priest asks if you are healed, after he lays his hands on your head and prays to god for healing energy. do you feel better? no, you don’t, but you say that, yes i can hear you and see you clearly now, just because you do not want the world to discover that you are of little faith.

how much strength do we need to say “no, i am not healed, i am broken, despite my faith”?

some people are dejected by this revelation. some people trust in the mercy of god that they will be healed in time, and this is but a little more cosmic cryptic redirection by the creator who knows it all. some are quietly hopeful, digesting the moment, refusing to be broken but curious to discover.

which one are you?

boneless bangus, anyone?

no, i swear that it’s totally SFW. if facebook is not blocked at your office. lucky bastard. quit loafing online and work.

the wunder boner is a gadget that debones fish. if you are of a particularly prurient orientation, it might sound like a humongous erection. kudos to Mister Mahan for this gem: “I’m going to invent a vacuum that hollows out whole chickens and call it the Cock Sucker. I’ll make millions.”

“Or perhaps if I were a chef and asked one of my cooks to “bone” a chicken, that would somehow cause undue confusion.” this is a hoot.

tentacle porn.

octopi and other sensual cephalopods

as i’ve said, i like my octopi served with seasoning. no, not lubricant.

so much for security.

users are the greatest security risk. they should be eliminated altogether! and the worst offenders are often the people who should know better: admins and other IT people. guilty as charged.

top 500 worst passwords. where’s yours?

the admin password for my router and the passcode are so secure i had to write them down on a piece of paper and slip that piece inside the CD case for the installer.

Y the Last Man movie. stalled?

movie update.

this would be an adolescent male fantasy. lesbian love, and a single guy left in a planet chock full of hormonal females who just want to be bedded. and of course, the monkey. the monkey!

if you discount the lead named after a Shakespearean character. seriously, i might just name my next child (preferably a boy) yorick. maybe… yorick paul atreides… schumacher. not that i’m expecting, though.

enough! my last act of baby-name murder should be my pregnancy-hormone addled tribute to kate beckinsale in underworld by naming my daughter S (breathes).

anyway, no worries. the watchmen movie is coming. 🙂 does it have that part where rorschach kills the guy who fed a kid to his pit bulls?

nazi zombies.

dead snow.


“Why does the zombie’s breath steam in the first clip? I’d assume undead frozen to death zombies wouldn’t have much body temp… but I guess I’m not a zombieologist by trade.”

i love these commenters. these geeky commenters with quick eyes. i would have never thought of that, honest. this movie reminds me of other gems such as: Kill Droid: A Mechanical Love Affair, Zombie Strippers, and Teeth.

why do people having sex in horror movies always end up being savagely murdered? that’s terribly impolite. like experiencing a ghost haunting while you’re in the loo. attacked when you are totally helpless (in the throes of passion or gastrointestinal discomfort).

whatever happened to anonymity?

saturday night link fest.

tweets. twats?

non-twitter-er here. i do agree with some of the commenters lamenting the “good old days of stealth and subterfuge”. why, oh why, would i want to broadcast every signal that emanates from my nerve endings with the web at large?

“Anything that could be admissible in a court of law, no way.” i say kudos to that. makes sneaking out to commit shenanigans a lot harder in this connected world, but doubly satisfying.

with web 2.0.8473 (note the incrementing build number), everybody is a google-whore. tag me. poke me. ping me. IM me. permalink to my inane drivel.

i notice that i’m posting this inane drivel right now aided by the wonders of blogging and social networking.

i am a hypocrite.

i once ranted to my wolf about how people’s friendster (god forbid!) pages are nothing but spruced-up facades (i can’t quite find that special character, sorry) where you post snazzily edited pics to show how much of a life you have compared to the outcasts who have less than 10 friends. but of course i had a friendster page then, with 100+ friends. so much for integrity. hey, it’s called running with the pack. the stragglers get left behind for the vultures who feed on the un-networked cast-offs.

and now people are FAKING significant events in their lives online. what’s this, a desperate plea for attention? a tongue-in-cheek social experiment parodying the fake delusions (oh then it must be real) of connectedness that we try to build online?

of course all this ranting does not do justice to the real friendships that we form online. not to mention the plenty of anonymous sex to be had.

musings on blasphemy and the evolution of religious beliefs

religious fundamentalists are hereby forewarned not to click the link below.

but if you’re a bad bad infidel who doesn’t mind burning in Gehenna (look, i’m combining terminology from several monotheistic religions!) plunge on. read the comments. the comments are fun, not to mention blasphemous.

talk about gender confusion.

taking the Bible literally requires a flexibility of imagination that i do not possess. even the early church fathers were somewhat confused, they had to hold councils to determine which books to include in it. the gist is important. however getting to it will be somewhat difficult, with all the inconsistencies, notably the bloodthirstiness of the deity in (generally) in the Old Testament as contrasted with much of his portrayal in the New Testament.

tangent: i loved second year high school (or was it third year) church history. i could rattle off all the ecumenical councils complete with dates. nowadays, there’s google for that. of course i dwelled on the bloody Crusades and witch burnings and schisms. nothing like a bit of history to bring some perspective, ey? with that, still important to remember that history is written by the victors.

have been rereading hp lovecraft lately. my personal favorite is no, not the close-to-being-elevated-to-an-internet-meme call of cthulhu, but the gothic rats in the walls. Exham Priory built on a mishmash of several foundations (Druidic, Roman, Saxon, English) kind of describes the way how some religions incorporate elements of older ones.

for conquerors bringing in their creed to impose on the captive population, subsuming them is a lot easier when you modify some of their festivals to coincide with yours. on the other hand, it is sometimes the folk practices of the general populace which begin to creep into the tenets of an established religion.

seeing this pattern of growth and change, you have to wonder sometimes why people insist on being so prickly about religion.

the stig catapults to fame

the stig has 800,000+ fans. more fans than michael schumacher.

i was just struck by the sheer awesomeness of having more fans than michael schumacher.

i still think the stig is eddie irvine. that must be the only reason why he is so fucking awesome.

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