Binary Baby Steps

wurld dominashun

Jumpstarting the dormant blog because of financial desperation. Ha-ha.

No, seriously. I’m conceptualizing the beginnings of a formal online presence. A content-heavy, SEO-flirty, business-ready powerhouse web address showcasing my profound talents in several areas: web design and development, programming, writing, photography and graphic design.

Excuse the hyperbole. After all, creative advertising is the name of the game.

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Even Metal Girls Dream Of Sappy Weddings

Or, another extended brainfart that was too convoluted and intense to fit in 140 characters.

It is 2300h on a Sunday, and tomorrow is Monday, and I should sleep before the stroke of midnight if I want to get to the bus on time tomorrow. I was left last Friday, a cruel, crushing blow, and I was forced to endure the acrimony that is SLEX on a humid July morning inside a rickety jeep. Also, tomorrow I hike back to the zombie-fied world of work drones, and lack of sleep decreases productivity.

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