Rap Sheet

I am female, I am twenty-something, and I think.

I find it difficult to describe myself in a fairly intelligent manner. One which does not degenerate into a pale listing of insipid facts, or metastasize into a self-serving freewheeling litany. But one has to try, and one hopes to be rewarded for one’s efforts in some manner or another.

Tags: Single mother, geek, programmer, photographer, artist, writer, slacker, dreamer, traveler, observer, listener, Filipina, semi-agnostic, armchair pundit, demon, frustrated metal band member, crazy lover, salary(wo)man.

This blog is basically me making sense of a world which happily refuses to be sensible. Oftentimes it will be meandering, sexually-charged, crude, darkly funny, overreaching. At times I will give rise to small gems of brilliance that would surprise even my jaded self. But as always, everything will be deeply personal.