Excel 2003 Figures to Words Visual Basic Macro

It’s free code snippet day! I decided to put this one up because I’m a programmer and programmers need some code on them blogs.

Introduction and Background

Years ago, I supported a loans management application for the company’s savings and loans cooperative. They were in the business of issuing checks to the borrowers, and they needed an Excel macro to convert figures to words. Continue reading

code snippet

Too drawn thin to write anything of note. Was thinking about scouring the web for some inspirational art to copy. Friend requested that I draw a Magic the Gathering card for his birthday. Need to whip these drawing skills into shape. Sadly, the flu has worn me down; the initial burst of energy, anger and caffeine that sustained me during the day has faded.


Got to thinking about posting code snippets around here. Who knows, I might find them useful someday. Maybe even institute a humble code project a week shindig. Preferably with a language or framework that I’m interested in. Like fun with jQuery. Because jQuery is the bees’ knees.

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