not all fun and games.

i didn’t spend the majority of my time online looking at pictures of octopi copulating with japanese girls.

wikipedia is an often interesting diversion. just don’t take it too seriously.

a bit of stuff about hermeneutics, semiotics, cybernetics, memetics, mimesis, game theory, and godwin’s law.

all partially inspired by this healing mass that i saw on tv this morning. if you believe, you will be healed. the priest asks if you are healed, after he lays his hands on your head and prays to god for healing energy. do you feel better? no, you don’t, but you say that, yes i can hear you and see you clearly now, just because you do not want the world to discover that you are of little faith.

how much strength do we need to say “no, i am not healed, i am broken, despite my faith”?

some people are dejected by this revelation. some people trust in the mercy of god that they will be healed in time, and this is but a little more cosmic cryptic redirection by the creator who knows it all. some are quietly hopeful, digesting the moment, refusing to be broken but curious to discover.

which one are you?

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