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Too drawn thin to write anything of note. Was thinking about scouring the web for some inspirational art to copy. Friend requested that I draw a Magic the Gathering card for his birthday. Need to whip these drawing skills into shape. Sadly, the flu has worn me down; the initial burst of energy, anger and caffeine that sustained me during the day has faded.


Got to thinking about posting code snippets around here. Who knows, I might find them useful someday. Maybe even institute a humble code project a week shindig. Preferably with a language or framework that I’m interested in. Like fun with jQuery. Because jQuery is the bees’ knees.

Or it could be Lotus Notes programming notes. Because I pity the programmer who has to work with that POS (namely me), and he needs all the help he can get.

html lolcat

I’m writing this post in bare html, congratulate me.

Testing T-SQL code snippet below:

FROM Employees
WHERE Birth_Date = '01/14/1985'

Since this is a free blog not hosted on my own server (I hang my head in shame, I am an incompetent nerd), I don’t have access to any of those newfangled plugins that prettify code snippets in blog posts. I use the <pre> tag for the dirty work. This website helped me a lot: Code2HTML.

Kids these days with their fancy development environments (I’m talking about you, yes you, Visual Studio). Back then we did it all in Notepad and compiled programs at the command line. No drop-down autocomplete spoonfeeding. Bah.

Managed to check out my getclicky site stats too. You might think being obsessed with site statistics is rather superfluous since I’m the only person who visits this blog, but at least I get to play around with the analytics, eh? Shows you page views, unique visitors, session length, visitor IP, referrers. It’s got a shiny dashboard. What else can I say?

This day has been a long one. I thought it would be worse, but I feel pretty vindicated after all that email notification fiasco. Sleep now, I guess. I have an evening of drunken carousing tomorrow, I have to be refreshed.

Editor’s note: Turns out that I only had to search the WordPress help files for the recommended option to display code. It’s through using the

</code> shortcodes. Code snippet used previously displayed below using the shortcode:
FROM Employees
WHERE Birth_Date = '01/14/1985'

Useful html encoders (for converting those pesky illegal characters to the desired format) used during the demo include:

  • htmlconvert - converts EVERYTHING. as in, fucking everything, even ASCII text.
  • ishida unicode code converter - has the option to convert those pesky special characters used in URIs
  • Forret HTML encoder - preserves the non-illegal characters and encodes only illegal and internationalized characters

I might have to check out this shortcode thing a little deeper. That's a new blog post then.

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