A Silence Measured In Years

And now, a torrent.

Somehow I feel like the 140-character limit on Twitter is beginning to constrict me. Plus, there are followers of different stripes, tastes and trust levels to accommodate now; despite starting the account as a 24-hour brain fart dump, it has become impractical to say truly what’s on my mind.

Another reason is that most of these private thoughts concern my boyfriend, who follows me on Twitter. Although I have maintained a policy of openness with him, trying to give him a taste of how I truly am like, an amalgam of the bitter and the sweet, some thoughts are best unsaid. Some thoughts leave me too vulnerable, and what’s left of my pride and self-preservation urges me to keep secrets.

So I return to this oft-neglected blog. Nobody reads it. Even Google’s bots pay it no attention (or if they do encounter it in one of their numerous web crawls, it passes their mechanized consciousness with nary a blip). I reveal myself here, while remaining anonymous. I rely on obscurity to protect me.

A prosaic to-do: compile my other infrequent blog entries from Facebook and Multiply and repost them here. For the sake of integration. I recall writing several long entries on Live Writer before, but a reinstall killed these local drafts. Ah, Microsoft, now you have become the destroyer of dreams.

Forgive the freewheeling quality of my writing. It has been a long time since I endeavored to write anything not consisting of tweets, emails, photo album descriptions, or code. But it’s all about the quick capture of ideas: spurning logic and style for accurate impressions of a fleeting moment.

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