linky time

Because I actually spend my time online reading worthwhile stuff, now I have tons of useful links to share with you and help you increase your knowledge about topics that really matter.

For active Net denizens, we’ve all had our share of lounging in, and participating in comment sections scattered all over the web. Commenting on your friend’s blog post or Facebook activity? Read what type of commenter you might be.

Read about how global warming is affecting sports. And if you’re serious about ramping up efforts to combat this phenomenon, why not patronize sports that are green?

Lately I’ve been more active posting random blurbs on Twitter and Plurk using Now you can help your chair get loads of karma points by following these instructions.

And this is why you should never sniff indiscriminately.

In other news, will the guilty verdict on The Pirate Bay defendants put an end to our wanton downloading of copyright material? I guess not.

Dog bites man: not news. Man bites dog: weird news. Man bites off tip of own penis? Disturbingly far out but darkly funny.

Lastly, I don’t want to give the impression that I regularly watch porn, but I swear, Sex Files: Sexually Bewitched is one of the more inventive ones that I’ve ever seen. It actually has a pretty entertaining storyline.

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