Binary Baby Steps

wurld dominashun

Jumpstarting the dormant blog because of financial desperation. Ha-ha.

No, seriously. I’m conceptualizing the beginnings of a formal online presence. A content-heavy, SEO-flirty, business-ready powerhouse web address showcasing my profound talents in several areas: web design and development, programming, writing, photography and graphic design.

Excuse the hyperbole. After all, creative advertising is the name of the game.

Unfortunately, you can only get so far with a few witticisms and promises of future posts. The eminence grisé behind the “game” is content. Original, thought-provoking content that has to be discoverable; ultimately, rebloggable, tweetable, likeable and shareable. The big search engines are finally recognizing that most of the gristle out there is gaming them with soulless keywords and web-bites (the Net soundbite). Google, et. al. are harnessing the Internet hive mind (those myriad Facebookers and Twits) when it comes to seeking out that meaty content.

Now this just means that I need more friends and followers. Smile with tongue out

I have to check a few things off my bucket list, like the following:

  1. Fix, or provide a backup to our gimpy wireless Internet connection (Smart Bro canopy, you suck huge hairy balls)
  2. Finish those draft blog posts
  3. Finish the virtual LAMP-Wordpress server I’ve been setting up
  4. Start churning out material for my powerhouse portfolio
  5. Obtain that snazzy website from GoDaddy
  6. Commence online whoring
  7. Look for that freelance job
  8. And give birth to my darling baby boy somewhere in between steps 4 and 8

Oh yes, I am 29 weeks along with my second child. I’ve been experiencing the joys and trials of starting a family and living independently, marriage optional at the moment. Daddy has been very supportive, but I mince no words: finances are tight. We are all very hopeful, of course. Compared to the general plight of Filipinos, I still have a rented flat, buggy Internet and a fridge chock-full of food. And a dirty pusakal named after Nergal of Behemoth.

So, here are some name ideas for my new freelance business website. I’d probably keep several websites due to content separation. I’ll keep my personal blog, and supplement it with links to a (mostly) technical blog, and an artsy-farty blog. The hardest part is probably producing photographs. As you can imagine, my bloated body reminiscent of fully expanded fugu finds extended travel exhausting. And in this pregnancy-suffused tropical heat! With occasional flooding!

  1. Scurf Studios – look scurf up. And get a laugh. Sorry, bordering on scatological humor.
  2. Twisted Tarsier – a name I thought up for our college video productions. I even had a Flash animation of a wild-eyed tarsier.
  3. Wiredrawn / Wirespun – variants mostly taken. Drat.
  4. Code Crucible – because Code Foundry was taken.
  5. Simplex Studios – sounds crypto.
  6. Cobra Punch – This one, I dreamed about this one. I like the randomness it evokes.
  7. Neurasthenic – Umm, circa-high school blog name. A psychological condition.
  8. Wood of Suicides – I wrote a high school play adapted from Dante’s Inferno. The name struck.

I have yet to think of a semi-sexy yet intelligent name for my planned fetish photography website. I kid you not. Devil Oh, I will treat fetish and BDSM with all the intelligence, depth and classy yet raw sensuality it deserves. My dream is to launch a female-led, somewhat soft-core, fetish magazine with truly thought-provoking articles and a sex-positive, all-body-types and genders welcome, outlook.

That’s after me and hubby put up Arkham House: symphonic black metal + goth metal art space, weird fiction bookstore, coffee house, bar and resto extraordinaire. Complete with Cthulhu figurines and a bust of HP Lovecraft welcoming all and sundry. Saturday night is Fetish Night! Right after Goth Night. And before that is Black Metal Night. No costume, no entrance. My door bitch will be Asmodeus. Beware!

Argh, I should just wait for the next multi-million peso 6/n lotto draw.

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