Repost ko lang yung comment ko kay Jenn. About Cory.

Because everybody is saying something, and holy shit, I ain’t getting left by the bandwagon.

I think it took a lot of courage and energy to fight a dictatorship and be swept into a role which was entirely different from what she envisioned. Caught in a nexus, how would a person of her morals act? Accept it with her god’s grace and square her shoulders.

Although if we look at her accomplishments as President, a huge part of it was making Filipinos more confident and giving them a taste of freedom. Otherwise she did make a lot of fuckups too, if we were going to assess her term dispassionately and logically. It wasn’t all sunshine and roses, hardly now.

That doesn’t detract from her stature as a person anyway. I’m one of those people who refuse to lionize people when they’re dead, glossing over faults and blemishes. I believe the proper way to remember somebody is to think of him in his entirety, because it reminds us that everyone is human, all equally decaying to a nice humus specially conducive to plants.

Unfortunately people don’t seem to share my sentiments. But hey, what the hell. Good luck Cory, history judges you favorably. But I’m sure the people you touched don’t care what other people think of you, and in this case you stay alive for all of them. I have half the balls that you do, and I would have disowned Kris a long, long time ago.

All I remember are brownouts and coups, talk about a light in the darkness, eh?

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