generally i feel like blogging on borrowed time. the past few days have been somewhat ordinary, except for a few mishaps that other people might think lightly of. but i don’t.

my laptop got bricked. and my eyeglasses got nicked. and now i just found out that my Hunters of Dune and my hardbound antique complete collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s works are missing.

sayeth the raven, nevermore.

i’ve been thinking of heaping curses at the light-fingered person who conveniently forgot to return my eyeglasses: copper red rectangular brushed steel frame laser etched with hearts, thick geeky lenses that turn dark when exposed to sunlight (instant sunglasses), probably all covered with my genetic material. may he or she have festering genital warts and embarrassing sex for his or her entire pathetic existence.

i can understand murder, rape, genocide, terrorism, filching money from someone else’s wallet to buy yourself some day-old bread or a line of cocaine, but poaching someone else’s glasses with an inhuman grade of (left eye and right eye) 4.75? it is repugnantly immoral, human degeneration at its lowest. how the hell can you even use that? of course, you can always reuse the frame, unmindful that the lenses cost 4x as much as the frame. hmph. so i survived on a week of uncomfy contact lenses.

honestly, i’m not that terribly angry. i am so unfeeling that i can barely muster real hatred anymore, just a sarcastic, pale imitation of it. the same goes with lust and love, i’m afraid.

i’m just a little disappointed with humanity in general. there must be some deep universal lesson somewhere in here… which might include me being more careful with where i leave my valuables. i should go the zen route and send vibes of forgiveness to said person… NOT.

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