the weird trip that was the eighties

to absolve myself from incrimination, please take note that i was born in 1985, slightly too young to be considered as an accomplice to the hairspray-induced craziness that was eighties’ (dance, pop, punk) music.

since i was tasked to look for a couple of eighties dance videos here and there, to youtube i heigh-ho. some choice gems that i unearthed:

the go-go’s


cyndi lauper

village people

the above is not meant to be a comprehensive list. i just wanted to share with you the clammy shivers that i get from watching the videos. we have to spread the cringe, man… and while we’re outwardly horrified at the bad makeup and the overt gayness, i know that you’re just as reluctant as me to admit to being a teeny bit pleased with all of it.

in fact, let’s upsize that teeny bit into an extra large tumbler of Coke. this brings back some cheerful memories, really. so fucking old, we are.

i leave you to deal with the unavoidable retinal burn.

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