Rock The Riles 2008 Site Map

Are you the typical post-millenium youngster, worshipping at the altar of Jobs, clad in the priestly vestments of fashionable streetgear, listening to shamelessly downloaded torrents of your own sinful choice?

So absolve yourself by indulging in live music for a cause! We promise free passes to St. Peter’s gate, you consumerist freak.

Click here for the site map as posted in gang badoy’s blog.

Since it’s a bit small, and zooming it in doesn’t do the pixelated text any justice, and since i am not a premium user of multiply, here’s a text list (also for the unfortunate who insist on sticking to text-only browsers, or have strict noscript installed).

Taft – Nokia Hiphop Group / Beware of Death Threat / Miscellaneous / Monique / IS-J / Mike Swift / Pamilya Dimagiba / People’s Future

Ayala – Terno Recordings / Radioactive Sago Project / Up Dharma Down / Giniling Festival / Paramita / Ang Bandang Shirley / Sleepwalk Circus / Swissy / Juan Pablo Dream / Musical O / Outerhope / Sugarfree

Buendia – Intolerant / Taken By Cars / Typecast / Switch / Out of Body Special / Hilera / Urbandub / Nyctinasty / Salamin / Severo / Faspitch / Subscapular

Boni – Peryodiko / Cambio / Enemies of Saturn / Blue Jean Junkies / Analog / Agnes Ignarra / Pinup Girls / Bagetsafonik / Roots of Nature / Chillitees / Mozzie / Lahi / Gasulina

Shaw – Chicosci / Lowtechs / Playphonics / Nyko Maca / College Coed / Join the Club

Cubao – The Youth / Jeepney Joyride / FMD / Sopiz / Zelle / Menaya / Ciudad / Head / Chardonnay / Miko Aguilar / Nityalila / Matilda

QA – Philtag / Rock Ed – Nokia Music Scholars / Tribu (film) rap artists

North – Short films and photography

The lineups are quite lively. Confused as to which station I’ll be staking out. I’m considering reanimating a handful of corpses and stationing them at the choice MRT stops, each of course broadcasting evil vibes when band of my choice starts to come up. Getting there is a simple matter of apparition, Potter-style.

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